Arizona Society of Medical Assistants

Arizona State Society of Medical Assistants, Inc. 

Providing information to obtain CMA (AAMA) certification, opportunities for CEU. Get information ofthe State Society level. Affiliated with the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).

Mission Statement

AAMA Mission

The mission of the American Association of Medical Assistants is to provide the medical assistant professional with education, certification, credential acknowledgment, networking opportunities, scope-of-practice protection, and advocacy for quality patient-centered health care.

  Arizona State Society of Medical Assistants strives to carry these values at a state level and we welcome all health professionals to join us in our continued efforts and growth of members by inviting you to attend our meetings and CEU sessions throughout the year. We would like to make it as convenient as possible for everyone to attend and participate.  



Elected Officials


Newly elected officers for the year of 2017 are as follows:


President-    Mary Dockall, CMA (AAMA), Consultant

The President of Arizona Society of Medical assistants preside over all meetings.

The President is an ex officio member of all committees, handles all correspondence in a timely matter aand in accord with National Bylaw's and schedule.

The president keeps a current rooster of all current members as well as non-current members.

The President meets with all national representatives that come to Arizona.

The president arranges for the room and transportation for the National representative as needed.

The President represents the State of Arizona at Southwest Regional and National conference each year.

The president represents the State at the president council each year and brings back information to the state that is beneficial to the members.


Vice President- Tina Martin , CMA (AAMA) Educator


 Assist the President in the performance of duties.

In the absence of president, preside at meetings of this corporation or the executive committee and board of directors.

Serve as chairman of the Bylaws committee.


Treasurer-    Phyllis Davis, CMA-AC (AAMA), Retired

The treasure is required to keep accurate financial records of income and disbursements of all monies in the chapter's name. 

The treasurer should attend all meetings of the general membership and board of directors and may also serve on the budget and finance committee. 

The treasurer will receive and deposit all monies of the chapter and pay all invoices by chapter check upon approval of the president and/or board of directors. 

The treasurer should keep an accurate record of all members and their status. 

The treasurer should present a financial report at the monthly meeting of both the board of directors and the general membership.




Recording Secretary-    Lana Stephenson, CMA (AAMA), RMA AMT 

The recording secretary should have a good knowledge of correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. He/she should also have a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure to ensure that the minutes do record the business of the chapter  as its history.

The recording secretary should attend all meetings of the chapter and board of directors.

The recording secretary should read the minutes of the previous meet ins and make any corrections necessary.


Nominating Chair- Leticia Vélez, CMA (AAMA) Vaccine Coordinator

The nominating committee is elected by the membership at a regular monthly meeting. The duties of this committee are to solicit candidates for the offices of president elect,vice president, recording secretary and treasurer. The committee also checks to see if each nominee meets the qualifications for each office as outlined by the bylaws.

The committee submits a written report with the slate of nominees and their qualifications to the entire membership.



Delegates to National Conference in October,2017

1st delegate-   Mary Dockall, CMA (AAMA)

2nd delegate-  Christine Martin, CMA(AAMA)

3rd delegate-   Lana Stephenson, CMA (AAMA), RMA AMT

Alternate-         Leticia Velez, CMA (AAMA)



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