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Criteria for Membership


Classes: There shall be six (6) classes of membership on the Chapter and Society level, active, sustaining, associate, affiliate, student, and honorary.

                Membership in  a component Chapter, a constituent Society and AAMA shall be required unless there is no component Chapter in the area. If a component Chapter does not exist the member may become a state member-at-large.

                 A state member-at-large is one who meets all the qualifications of active, sustaining, associate, affiliate, student and honorary except that a component chapter does not exist in the area of residence. Such a member shall pay only state and national dues.



A.      Active-An active member shall be one of the following:

  1. An AAMA Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) whose CMA credential has not been revoked as provided by the AAMA Certifying Board Disciplinary Standards and Procedures for CMA's (
  2. Anyone who was an active member on 12/31/1987 and who has maintained continuous membership.

B.      Sustaining: Anyone who has been an active or associate member for a least two (2) years,  has retired from medical assisting and who has not entered into another field is eligible for sustaining membership. This membership shall be forfeited if not renewed annually.

C.      Associate: An associated member shall be one who is not eligible for another category of Membership but who is interested in the profession of medical assisting.

D.      Affiliate: An affiliate member shall be anyone who is not eligible for another category of Membership but who is interested in the profession of medical assisting.

E.      Student: A student member is one who is enrolled in a Medical Assisting program and is carrying a minimum of six (6) contact hours per week per term. Student membership may be retained for one year after graduation if active or associated membership is not chosen and shall be limited to a maximum of three years.

F.      Honorary: Honorary members shall be one who is not eligible for active membership but has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of medical assisting and/or the Society. Honorary membership is conferred by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the General Assembly after recommendation by the Board of Directors. Names of Candidates for honorary membership shall be presented to the Board of Directors at least Sixty (60) days prior to presentation at the of General Assembly.

*Honorary membership in a constituent Society does not transfer to the National level.

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